8-00PM 1 R Muscat Kirby a V M Hodgson ayton
8-30PM 2 B Dea kirby a V P Stones ayton
9-00PM 3 P Dodds kirby a V J Butler kirby B
9-30PM   The winner of1 will play   V P Atkinson Ayton
8-00PM 4 S Taylor ayton V N Lightonler ayton
8-30PM 5 S Watson ayton V R Corner kirby A
9-00PM 6 A Jackson ayton V K Phillips pack horse
9-30PM   The winner of4 will play   V A Hutchinson jets A
8-00PM 7 J Grainge pack horse V I Corns queens
8-30PM 8 P Corner pack horse V J Hodge queens
9-00PM   The winner of 7 will play   V S Pritchard kirby B
9-30PM   The winner of 8 will play   V J Phillips pack horse
8-00PM 9 M Weall jets A V Mark Brown hutton cc
8-30PM 10 Max Cook jets A V R Merryweather kirby B
9-00PM   The winner of 9 will play   V D Ackroyd kirby A
9-30PM   The winner of 10 will play   V J Urqhart jets A
8-30PM 11 D Attwood queens V J Corner Kirby B
9-00PM 12 C Mitchell queens V P Grainge kirby A
9-30PM   The winner of 11 will play   V T Lawton hutton cc
8-30PM 13 M Wheatley wheatsheaf V Z Stephenson ayton
9-00PM 14 A Turner Wheatsheaf V I Wilson jets A
9-30PM   The winner of 13 will play   V S Parker ayton
    HUTTON R CC        
8-30PM 15 Matt Brown hutton V D Chow kirby A
9-00PM 16 P Kirk hutton V E Mcgreevy ayton
9-30PM   The winner of 15 will play     J Banks jets A
    To be play on 19-11-19      
    The games are in a nominated pub at nominated time  
    All results have to be text in to eddie by 1-12-19  
    Any rearranged to be played before the date or will be crossed off  
    The games will be the best of 3 games